Little Cat & Big Dog (LC&BD)

First Project will be Little Cat & Big Dog (小猫大狗) by Feng Yue Bo (风月泊)

Rated: M (16+), Supernatural/Romance, Shoujo Ai/Yuri

The original story can be found here:

Translated Chapter 1:

-Little Theatre-

Cat: Woman, what deity are you? A tree daemon? A fox daemon? A spider daemon? A white crane? A tigress*? ( *母老虎=tigress; in Chinese can also be used to describe a woman who is termagant)

Fan Chan (樊禅): Why are they all creatures?

Cat: I just feel you’re not human* (*不是人=not human; could be implied as an insult; you’re not even worth to be a human).

Fan Chan: Evil creature! We (本座*) will completely pluck your fur away! (*here Fan Chan used the royal “we”; in this case she meant to pluck away fur to punish the cat since for animal less fur means less beauty; think of animal kingdom and the survival of the fittest theory).

Cat: Yamete…!* ( >///< ) You really are not human! (Yamete=Japanese “te” form meaning to stop. The Chinese used originally “雅蠛蝶” is the equivalent borrowed sound from Japanese which in context has the same sexual connotation effect found in AV anime.)




Today the start of the new project

Today, the project officially starts. There’s a couple stories in the process of getting permission from its author’s for translation. This is a non-profit fan translation of the author’s original works.

Nothing is really here yet, but come back and visit again soon!